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"On a Friday I discovered my 14 year old dog Mattie had a bad infection in her mouth. It looked like cancer. My regular vet didn't have time to take a closer look and sent me home with antibiotics and said to come back on Monday. I was frantic. I called La Concepcion Animal Hospital on Sunday and they told me to come right in. Dr. Dalo was great. Our concern was obvious and he allowed us to stay and watch as he took biopsies of Mattie's mouth and walked us through everything he was doing. They spent two hours, on a Sunday evening, taking blood, x-rays, biopsies... everything that was necessary to diagnose what was wrong. I am so greatful for their expertise and compassion.

Thank you Dr. Dalo and all the staff at La Concepcion Animal Hospital!"

Maria Whiting
Santa Ynez, CA

I've been in and out of La Concepcion Animal Hospital for just about everything - but the thing that has stood out the most is Dr. Dalo's compassion and empathy with the dogs.  The first time he met Oso (who was always scared of everything outside of agility remember) he got down on the floor with him.  And he was beyond wonderful when it came time to put my dog Bandi down...I can't tell you how fabulous he and his crew were - came to the house and handled it all for me so I could just say good-bye and go mourn.

Kristi Cetrulo
Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. Dalo and the rest of the team at La Concepcion Animal Hospital are amazing. Our little guy Rupert would not be here today if it wasn't for Dr Dalo's expertise and quick decision making. We have a tough dog on our hand. Dr. Dalo and his team continue to rise to the challenge. When we first started see Dr. Dalo, we were concerned when we did not here the results of the test and it was already 8:00 PM at night. Little did we know that the doctor was still hard at work - he call us at 9:00 PM and talked for more than a half hour. Dr. Dalo goes above and beyond into the late hours of the night to service his patients.

Thanks for all the hard work!

Nick, Casey and Rupert Cronin
Santa Barbara, CA

Doctor Dalo is THE BEST. His in depth knowledge is unsurpassed, especially his ability to balance exceedingly complex chemistries and various concurrent ailments. I have worked with a lot of Vets over the years, both with my own pets and with volunteer work, and know that NO other vet would have had the knowledge and expertise, nor the willingness, to continue treating my kitty. He is an hours drive for me, each way, and no matter the inconvenience, I will continue the trek to and from this Santa Barbara veterinarian with all my future dog(s) and cat(s).

Allison Coleman
Santa Barbara, CA

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