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Diagnostic Center & Internal Medicine

The best treatment of any disease is based on a proper diagnosis. This way, the doctor can choose the most effective plan to treat your pet, whether it be medication or surgery.

When possible and affordable we always encourage our clients to allow us to make a proper diagnosis. This is only accomplished by having a sound fundamental understanding of normal and abnormal physiology, experience, training and in some cases advanced training in internal medicine and disease pathophysiology.

A good internist is one who can diagnose diseases by creating a proper list of differential diagnosis that may cause a symptom or set of symptoms. A good internist is extremely astute in diagnostic medicine to choose the proper test or set of tests needed to make an accurate diagnosis.

Equipment On-Site:

  • Clinical Laboratory - CBC, serum chemistries, PT, PTT, blood gas etc.
  • X-Ray and State-of-the-Art Ultrasound Machines
  • Electrocardiogram and Doppler Blood Pressure Machine
  • Cardell Multiparameter Heart and Lung Monitor 
  • Large Variety of Endoscopes both Flexable and Rigid - Flexable scopes include pediatric endoscope and bronchoscope and rigid scopes include laproscope, arthroscope, cystoscope, thoroscope, rhinoscope and otoscope. These are used to look into your pet’s esophagus, intestines, trachea, lungs, abdominal and chest cavities, joints, vagina, urinary bladder, ears and nose. These are high power magnification tools using attached state of the art digital video camera equipment so we get a very clear look at things with minimal pain and recovery for your pet. Surgery and diagnostic sample collection can often be performed at the same time using highly specialized tools that fit into these scopes.  It was not long ago that the veterinarian had to perform major exploratory surgery just to look at what we can now easily see, and more clearly see using these scopes, with much less pain to your pet and quicker recovery. These tools are rarely found in any non-specialty veterinary hospital however they are all found and used here on a regular basis by a highly trained and experienced staff. See "Minimally Invasive Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery" for more details.

At LCAH We Conduct Thorough 45-60 Minute Internal Medicine Exams

Obtaining a thorough history of your pet’s symptoms, duration of symptoms, medications your pet may be on. For drop off examinations we ask you fill out a questionnaire which takes about 15 minutes to complete so we know as much about your pet as we can before performing the examination.
Performing an accurate full physical examination of all body systems.

With this information, we create a list of possible diseases that could explain all of your pet’s symptoms and physical abnormalities. This is called our "Differential Diagnosis List." We then sit down with you and discuss what we found on physical exam and what our list of differential diagnosis are.
Then we discuss with you the type of diagnostic testing we may need to do to prove or rule out items on our list. For instance, we may need blood work, urine tests, imaging x-ray, ultrasound, the use of high tech scopes etc. We provide you an estimate before running any tests.

If one cannot afford testing, we will make an educated guess diagnosis based on our knowledge, experience and sometimes advanced training, and provide you with the best treatment of your pet's symptoms. This is called a symptomatic, or empiric, approach to trying to resolve the disease symptoms. For example, if your pet has a skin infection for the first time we may not recommend you spend a lot of money on expensive dermatology tests. We would educate you as to the many causes of skin infections, treat your pet for a skin infection and evaluate the results. If the skin does not get better or the problem persists after one or two rounds of medication then we would recommend beginning some dermatology testing to make a proper diagnosis. This way, you are treating your pet with the most effective medications, whether they be long or short term, so as to avoid constant visits to the veterinary hospital, unnecessary expense and anxiety of your pet.

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