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Pre-Anesthetic Diagnostics

Santa Barbara pet diagniostics

Superior pet care starts with an experienced veterinarian and precision diagnostics. You'll find both at La Concepcion Animal Hospital. Dr. Joseph Dalo, our Santa Barbara vet surgeon, was the very first small animal veterinarian to offer Santa Barbara county residents small animal state-of-the-art minimally invasive diagnostics. These include arthroscopic, laparoscopic, endoscopic, thoracoscopic surgery using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced training. He also uses his knowledge, experience and has a variety of advanced diagnostic tools available prior to any pet surgery. These pre-anesthetic diagnostics are designed to give the veterinarian the most complete and precise look in determining health problems with your pet.

Thorough Diagnostics for Your Pet

The importance of proper diagnosis can not be overstated. That is why La Concepcion conducts extensive 45-60 minute internal medicine exams. We start with your pet's health history, the pet’s symptoms, duration of symptoms, and any medications they may be taking. We will then conduct a physical exam of your pet's body systems to best determine the potential causes of those symptoms. This is referred to as a “Differential Diagnosis List”. This list is based on our year's of training and experience in pet care.

We will discuss this list with you and potentially recommend additional testing to prove or rule out items on the list. Additional testing may include blood work, urine tests, x-rays, ultrasound, high-tech scopes and more. We provide owners with an estimated cost of these tests prior to conducting them.

On-Site Testing Equipment at Our Animal Hospital

La Concepcion Animal Hospital has a variety of diagnostic technology right on-site to provide quick and accurate testing. This equipment includes:

  • A Clinical Laboratory – Our on-site lab facilitates a variety of tests including CBC, serum chemistry, PT, PTT, blood gas, and more.
  • X-Ray and State-of-the-Art Ultrasound Machines – These provide us a look “inside” your pet to verify a diagnosis prior to pet surgery from our Santa Barbara pet surgeon.
  • Electrocardiogram and Doppler Blood Pressure Machine – Our equipment gives us precise readings on blood pressure and electrical activity of the heart.
  • Cardell Multiparameter Heart and Lung Monitor – This valuable technology helps us determine the health and strength of your pet's heart and lungs. This is critical in pre-anesthetic diagnosis.
  • A Large Variety of Endoscopes both Flexible and Rigid – These high power magnification tools are attached to state-of-the-art digital video camera equipment which allows us to diagnose pets without exploratory surgery.

Having the proper diagnostic technology and equipment available helps us provide diagnostics that are precise and accurate.

Contact Our Santa Barbara Pet Surgeon Today

When your pet is ill, experience and precise diagnostics are critical. Choose our Santa Barbara pet surgeon by calling La Concepcion Animal Hospital at 805-685-4513. New patients receive 15% off an initial exam. Our services are superior and our prices are affordable. La Concepcion Animal Hospital serves the region from our offices at 7126 Hollister Avenue in Goleta, CA

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