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7126 Hollister Ave Goleta, CA 93117

Beloved Vet Surgeon in Santa Barbara Excels in Second Opinion Diagnostics

second opinion diagnostics in Goleta, CA

Perhaps your pet is experiencing some sort of complicated health issue for which a certain diagnosis is elusive. Is it time to get a second opinion? If you are like some owners, you may feel uncomfortable about getting a second opinion for a health problem with your pet. However, getting a second opinion is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing to do, and chances are your home veterinarian will not have an issue with it and may even recommend it!  A respected and well known vet surgeon in Santa Barbara, Dr. Joseph Dalo of the La Concepcion Animal Hospital, welcomes giving second opinion consults for any small animal, and he has a vast array of experience to treat and diagnose most issues. In fact, he was the first veterinarian in the area to perform state-of-the-art minimally invasive procedures on small animals including arthroscopic, laproscopic, endoscopic, and thoroscopic surgery using modern equipment and advanced training. 

When Should You Seek a Second Opinion?

A major reason to get a second opinion is when your pet is not responding to a current treatment or when your current vet is unsure of what to do next. Perhaps he/she will recommend you visit a specialist, which, unfortunately, is an extremely expensive proposition. On the other hand, perhaps you are the one who wants a second opinion. If your current veterinarian doesn’t welcome your request, this may be a red flag and time to think about options.

How to Find a Competent Pet Surgery for a Second Opinion

When your beloved companion is ill or injured, you only want the best care possible. On the other hand, there is the reality of what you can afford to spend. Here at La Concepcion Animal Hospital we offer full service small animal veterinary care to the Santa Barbara, Ventura and Santa Maria areas. In addition, we are a unique vet surgeon in Santa Barbara that performs a variety of advanced and specialized diagnostic and surgical procedures you’ll only find in specialty veterinary hospitals. On the other hand, you’ll find that our fees are below those of most specialty veterinary hospitals and we provide high quality care and conclusive results.

Your First Visit

Chances are you may be feeling frustrated and emotional that no answer has yet been found about what’s wrong with your pet. We totally understand that. You’ll find our entire staff is warm and welcoming. If need be, we will also help get your pet’s records from your other veterinarian. Dr. Dalo is often praised by his clients for “his compassion and empathy with the dogs.”

Our Approach

In working with his patients, Dr. Dalo is committed to using the least invasive means necessary to diagnose and treat your pet. This means your pet will undergo no unnecessary surgeries or other procedures unless absolutely needed to solve and treat the problem.

Location: 7126 Hollister Ave Goleta, CA 93117

Testimonials From Clients Who Reach Out for a Second Opinion

Hello Dr. Dalo,

Last year my black lab Molly had a TPLO procedure performed on her left knee and I have been extremely pleased with the results, so foremost thank you for that.

Thank you,
Kyle S.

I found this place by chance and took another chance with a new vet I knew nothing about. I was blown away by what transpired iny appointment. My dog was priorly misdiagnosed with a disease that was going to blind him. My prior vet spent all of 30 seconds, (I mean literally) with us telling my 5 y/o dog needed hardcore meds for the rest of his life or would be blind in a year or less. The prior vet didn't even have the decency to write down his diagnosis or return my calls when my dog was ill. . We spent an hour with Dr.Dalo, he was amazing! He answered every question and educated me well about how to best help my dog and when I should seek his help. He did only what tests were needed and figured out my dog did not have what he'd priorly diagnosed with. It was something so simple and the prior vet missed it on two different Appts, but i assume that is normal when a vet spends little to no time examining the pet or time speaking with the owner. I was rushed through and out of each appointment and charged a lot. Dr. Dalo put me at ease immediately and assured me he was very good at what he did just by the way he handled and worked with my dog, his tech was amazing as well. They were so kind and gentle and did all exams and tests right in the exam room with me. I was immediately put at ease that my pup was in great hands. The office staff were great as well, the place was very clean and had a warm feeling to it. This is my vet now!!!

Jamie P.

I was very pleased with our first visit. Dr. Dalo is extremely compassionate and interested in helping his patients. The office staff are very friendly and helpful. We drove from the San Fernando Valley because Dr. Dalo came so highly recommended. Our dog has complex allergy and stomach issues which are thoroughly being addressed.

Robin G.

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