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Tumor Removal

Your Veterinarian in Santa Barbara Provides Tumor Removal for Dogs and Cats

Tumor removal is a common type of soft tissue surgery performed by a qualified vet surgeon. When abnormal growths are detected in or on pets through radiological methods, vets may order a procedure called a fine needle aspirate to withdraw cells and tissue from the growth for microscopic examination. If your veterinarian in Santa Barbara cannot accurately determine whether the tumor is benign or malignant through a needle aspirate, your pet may need a biopsy. This involves minor surgery to remove a small piece of the tumor for enhanced investigation of the nature of the tumor. Additionally, x-rays and blood/urine tests are essential, pre-operative tests telling your vet surgeon if kidney or liver problems are present that could make general anesthesia a slight health risk for your pet.

tumor removal for cats and dogs in santa barbara

Types of Soft Tissue and Tumor Removal Surgeries Performed

Soft tissue surgeries offered at LCAH include but are not limited to:

  • Esophageal (vascular ring structures)/tracheal/throat
  • Heart base/heart tumors
  • Patent ductus arteriosus (or PDA, a treatable canine condition occurring a birth requiring surgery to restore blood flow between left and right heart chambers)
  • Full or partial removal of the lung tumors (lung lobectomy)
  • Pericardiectomy (removal of the pericardial sac due to fluid build-up in the space between a dog's heart and his pericardial sac)
  • Tumor removal or specialized soft tissue surgery involving your pet's liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines, stomach or pancreas

Your veterinarian in Santa Barbara Dr. Dalo performs most surgeries on dogs and cats at La Concepcion Animal Hospital. Other reasons your pet may need the expertise of our vet surgeon include systemic infections, cancer detection/treatment, removal of foreign objects and removal of cysts or tumors affecting your pet's skin or internal organs.

Postoperative Recovery Following Tumor Removal or Soft Tissue Surgery on Pets

Depending on the type of surgery your pet needs, recovery can be as short as a few days or extend beyond a week or more. We will inform pet owners what to expect while their pet is recovering from surgery and how to recognize signs of postoperative problems such as infection of the incision. We ensure all pet owners that their pet will receive warm, loving, superior care while recuperating after surgery at our animal hospital in Santa Barbara

Call La Concepcion Animal Hospital In Santa Barbara Today!

If you suspect your pet may need a tumor removed or another type of soft tissue surgery, call La Concepcion Animal Hospital in Santa Barbara today at 805-685-4513 to schedule an appointment with our vet surgeon. We are always happy to answer any questions worried pet owners may have about tumor removal and soft tissue surgery. We look forward to meeting with you!

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