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Pet Dental Surgery

Pet Dental Surgery in Santa Barbara

When you think of pet dentistry, you probably think of such standard veterinary services as checkups and cleanings. If the subject of pet surgery comes up during a dental exam, it's most likely in the context of extracting a diseased tooth. But modern veterinary dentistry has actually grown quite sophisticated in its ability to treat a wide range of issues. Here at La Concepcion Animal Hospital, our Goleta and Santa Barbara veterinarians can provide dental assistance for your pet at lower prices (in most cases) than you could get from a specialty vet clinic.

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Pet Dental Surgery from Our Veterinarians at La Concepcion Animal Hospital

While extracting teeth can be the most sensible treatment for a severely damaged tooth or one that threatens the health of neighboring teeth, it certainly isn't the only answer. Some people wouldn't automatically expect your own dentist to pull any tooth that had a problem. Repairing and saving problematic teeth can make it easier for pets to chew their food properly, and it also preserves the bone density in the jaw. That's why we offer such advanced veterinary services as:

Orthodontia - A bite misalignment, or malocclusion, cam cause your pet severe and other problems, especially when long, sharp canine teeth are involved. A short lower jaw, or overbite, can also be a source of pain and mouth injury. Our vet surgeon in Santa Barbara can extract, shorten, or add acrylic material to specific teeth to address bite problems.

Oral tumor biopsy and removal - Growths in your pet's mouth may be oral cancer, or they may be a benign condition such as gingival hyperplasia. We can inspect your pet's mouth and perform a tissue biopsy, if indicated, on the growth to identify whether it's malignant. If it is, we can perform pet surgery or other treatments as needed.

Prosthodontics - Prosthodontics is the field of dental restoration. Our Goleta veterinarian can fit broken or cracked teeth with crowns made of various materials to reinforce the teeth, permit normal function and prevent infection. We may also crown a tooth that has been shortened or reshaped in the course of a treatment for malocclusion.

Root canal therapy (via Referral Only) - If you pet breaks a tooth, the exposed root canal will almost certainly become infected, creating a painful abscess and possibly opening the door to widespread systemic infection. If the tooth is reasonably intact, we can refer you to a veterinarian who provides root canal therapy to clean it out and then cap it to protect it from recurring infection. They may extract the tooth if it's too damaged to be saved.

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Don't entrust your pet's mouth to a clinic that only perform extractions, so bring your beloved companion to our vet surgeon in Santa Barbara to take advantage of our state-of-the-art veterinary services, including advanced dental surgery. Call 805-685-4513 for to schedule a consultation at La Concepcion Animal Hospital!

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