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Maxillofacial Surgery

LCAH has the experience and equipment needed to perform most skull, oral, nasal and ear surgeries. These surgeries often require the use of a high speed oscillating saw and bur driver as well as plates, pins, screws, wire and a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the skull. All can be found at this hospital.


Oscellating Saws, Burr Driver, Microair Drill, Plating Set, Pin Set, Reduction Set


performed at LCAH include but are not limited to the following:

  • Mandibular and Maxillary Fractures - All can be repaired here by the use of internal and external fixation. These surgeries require the knowledge and sophisticated equipment in order to perform. We commonly use plates and screws or pins and wire to repair most jaw and facial fractures.
  • Partial Maxillectomy and Partial Mandibulectomy (removal of part of the face and jaw bones respectively) - Commonly used to treat tumors of the skull.
  • Rhinotomy - Opening up the nasal cavity to remove tumors and polyps, other nasal reconstructive surgeries due to trauma or birth defects.
  • Soft and Hard Palate Reconstructive Surgeries – For example, shortening the soft palate to improve breathing and closing birth defects such as cleft palate.
  • Laryngeal Surgery - Removing everted ventricular saccules to improve breathing, removing laryngeal tumors regardless of their site (vocal folds or wall of the larynx.)
  • Ears - Removing extremely diseased external ear canals and middle ear lining tissue due to chronic infection, trauma and cancer. Reconstructive surgery of the ear flap (pinna) and external ear canals.
  • Eyelid Surgeries - Tumors (some require eyelid tissue grafts), entropion (inverted eyelids), ectopic cilia, enucleation (removal of the entire eye ball and lids, usually done when vision cannot be saved and the eye is painful to your pet), corneal surgeries to close full thickness corneal lacerations or to try to get a stubborn corneal ulcer too heal. We do grid keratotomy, conjunctival advancement graft.
  • Salivary Gland Surgery - Salivary mucocle surgery which involves removal of one or more salivary glands and salivary gland tumor removal
  • Thyroidectomy - Removal of one or both thyroid glands to either remove a tumor or cure hyperthyroidism in a cat.
  • Tempromandibular Joint Disease (TMJ Disease) - We can do closed or open reduction of dislocated jaw joints as well as TMJ arthroplasty (removal of the TMJ) when the joint cannot be saved so as to restore a non-painful range of jaw motion for your pet.

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