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Pet Diabetes

Pet Diabetes Care at La Concepcion Animal Hospital in Goleta, CA

Many health-conscious people have placed diabetes awareness on their list of priorities, and rightly so. This chronic ailment can lead to all kinds of serious health complications. But diabetes doesn't only afflict humans -- it can also threaten the well-being of their pets. Diabetes can seriously damage your dog or cat's quality of life, but it can also be treated successfully. Here at La Concepcion Animal Hospital in Goleta, CA, we can provide the diabetes treatment or preventative recommendations your pet needs.

Why Pets Get Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when a pet's blood sugar levels are abnormally high. The pancreas normally produces insulin to help the body remove excess sugar from the bloodstream. Under certain circumstances, however, this vital organ may falter in its insulin production, or the body may resist the insulin being produced. Common factors in the development of pet diabetes include:

  • Genetics - Some animals have an inherited tendency toward diabetes.
  • Obesity - Excess weight can cause insulin resistance that eventually leads to diabetes.
  • Pregnancy - Gestational diabetes can affect dogs and cats as well as humans.

Signs of Diabetes in Pets

It's important to recognize the telltale signs of diabetes so you know whether to bring your pet for evaluation at La Concepcion Animal Hospital. Watch for signs such as unexplained weight loss, increased water intake, mood/behavioral changes, fatigue, urinary tract infections, oddly sweet-smelling breath, and constant or recurring skin infections. Left untreated, diabetes can cause nerve pain, blood vessel damage, vision loss, kidney damage, and other alarming problems.

Bring Your Pet to Our Goleta Veterinarian

If you suspect possible diabetes in your beloved pet, bring him to our Goleta veterinarian for evaluation. We can run blood and urine tests to check for excess blood sugar while also evaluating any obvious symptoms your pet may be presenting. Medications or injected insulin can help normalize your pet's blood sugar levels, preventing further damage to his health. We may also prescribe a special diet or weight loss strategies to help your pet's metabolism function more efficiently.

The best way to protect your pet against diabetes is to minimize his risks of ever getting it. Regular veterinary wellness exams allow us to check for any health issues that might promote diabetes. We can also advise you on best practices for keeping your pet healthy between exams.

Help Your Pet Live a Healthy Life - Call Our La Concepcion Animal Hospital in Goleta, CA Today!

Diabetes is a troubling reality for many pets, but your pet can live a healthy life with from help from our Goleta clinic. Call 805-685-4513 to schedule a preventative wellness exam or pet diabetes testing!

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