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Parasite Prevention

Pet Parasite Prevention from Your Goleta Veterinarian

External parasites are common problems for pets, but they can cause everything from itching and discomfort to life-threatening diseases. Fortunately, fleas and ticks are no match for modern medicine. At our veterinary hospital, we take fleas, ticks, and other parasites very seriously. If your pet needs flea or tick medication, a veterinarian will customize a parasite prevention schedule to keep your pet – and your family – protected.

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Why Flea & Tick Prevention is Important

Parasite prevention is an important part of every pet’s wellness regimen. Without it, flea or tick exposure could affect their health, happiness, and even your family’s health. That’s why we recommend parasite preventatives for every patient. Whether you have an active dog who plays outside or an indoor-only cat, your pet faces some risk of fleas, ticks, and other parasites, and prevention is far better than treatment.

So, why is it so important to protect your pets from fleas and ticks? Here are some of the consequences of pet parasite bites and infestations:

  • Itchy, irritated skin
  • Open wounds from scratching irritated skin
  • Tapeworms (internal parasites from swallowing fleas)
  • Anemia from too much parasitic feeding
  • Lyme Disease from infected ticks
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from infected ticks
  • Flea infestations in your home

Common Flea & Tick Prevention Methods

Most dogs and cats (past the age of six weeks) should be on some form of flea and tick prevention. Our veterinarian will help you decide which flea and tick preventatives are right for your pets, but your options include:

  • Oral Medications
  • Sprays
  • Spot-On Liquids

Some medications are designed to kill adult fleas, while others kill fleas and ticks. Some prevent breeding and maturation (including preventing eggs from hatching), which is a more comprehensive method of protection for animals who need it.

How Your Goleta Veterinarian Can Help Prevent Parasites

Every pet has different veterinary needs, and that applies to flea and tick prevention too. Some pets do well with monthly pills that are designed to kill eggs too, while others are good candidates for topical sprays or ointments. Your veterinarian will meet with you and your pet to decide which preventative options are right for you and whether your pet would benefit from additional vaccines or medications to address higher risk levels.

Flea Treatment Options in Goleta

Of course, some patients already have fleas or ticks. If your pet needs flea treatment and control, our vet will work to soothe their symptoms and completely eradicate the parasites. Some preventative medications will also kill existing larvae and fleas, but your pet may need additional medications or topical treatments (such as a thorough bath with medicated shampoo) to get rid of them completely. If the infestation spreads beyond your pet, we will guide your family through the best ways to kill remaining fleas.

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