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Urology Veterinary Services in Goleta

Many pet owners don't realize the importance of monitoring their pets for a urological disorder. Just like humans, pets are also vulnerable to urological disorders, such as kidney/bladder stones, urinary incontinence, kidney failure (both acute and chronic), and urinary tract blockage. At La Concepcion Animal Hospital, we are capable of identifying and treating urological disorders in pets.

The Symptoms of Urological Disorders

You should have your pet checked out by a veterinarian at least once every year by a veterinarian. However, a yearly check-up isn't enough to prevent your pet from suffering from a urological disorder. You should know the symptoms of urological disorders to look out for in your pet.

  • Urinary incontinence, which refers to the leakage of urine or involuntary urination

  • Traces of blood in urine

  • Increased urinating and drinking

  • Straining or difficulty urinating

Overall, if you notice any major changes in your pet's urinating habits, you should take your pet to see a veterinarian here at La Concepcion Animal Hospital. Chances are, your pet may have a urological disorder, such as kidney stones. It is especially important to your monitor your pet for the symptoms of urological disorders after he or she has undergone surgery. A vet surgeon will provide you with advice to prevent your pet from suffering from urological disorders while he or she recovers.

Preventing Urological Disorders in Goleta

Not only should you monitor your pet for urological disorders, but you should also take steps to prevent your pet from getting a urological disorder. When you visit a veterinarian in Goleta for your pet's annual checkup, you will probably receive advice for preventing urological disorders in pets.

Poor hygiene is a major cause of urological disorders in pets. The accumulation of hair around your pet's urethral opening, for example, can lead to urinary tract infections. Excessive licking and leaking urine can also lead to an infection. If your pet leaks urine, this may be a sign of poor sphincter function, an issue that should be resolved promptly if possible. The main cause of bladder stones in pets is infection, as bacterial infections cause the urine to be more alkaline. Also, crystal formation may be induced by the waste products of the bacteria.

You want to keep the acidity of your pet's urine up. The best way to do this is by feeding your pet food that is based on meat, as meat is a good source of acid. Keep your pet's immune system up by feeding your pet a balanced diet of quality food. Finally, you want to try to keep arthritis at bay in your pet, especially if your pet happens to be older.

In conclusion, it is vital that you have your pet checked by one of our veterinarians on a regular basis. That way, any disruptions in your pet's urology will be caught and dealt with before the issue becomes serious.

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