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Pet Neurology in Santa Barbara

Neurology is the study of the nervous system in an attempt to diagnose and treat diseases of the nervous system. This is accomplished by a proper accurate physical examination including neurologic examination. There is a wide variety of nervous system diseases. Some are primary diseases of the nerve tissue directly while other diseases distant to nerve tissue can have adverse effects on the nervous system causing neurologic symptoms. There are also patients that have comorbidities where both are involved.

Specialized imaging techniques can make diagnosing some of these diseases easier. The example is the option to request an MRI or CT scan, the very same that is commonly used on humans to do the same thing. We have ample access to many imaging centers located from Ventura to Los Angeles when time is not critical to obtain a diagnosis and begin treatment. In some neurologic diseases you do not have the luxury of time to make a diagnosis and begin treatment since the longer nerve tissue is diseased the more likely it will never return to normal. In these instances an emergency myelogram  (involving a spinal tap and injection of liquid that is easily seen on an x-ray) is performed to help us make a diagnosis to establish whether or not surgical intervention is necessary to try to save nerve function. Myelograms should be performed at a veterinary hospital where the doctor and staff are capable of doing neurosurgery. We are experienced at spinal neurosurgery and have successfully performed myelograms, csf taps as well as herniated disk surgery involving the thoraco-lumbar and sacral spinal vertebrae as well as repairing fractured thoracic, lumbar and sacral vertebrae.

Other diseases that affect the nervous system are autoimmune diseases, low blood sugar due to pancreatic cancer and infection, as well as parasites and much more. We do not do brain surgery, however, we can refer you to a hospital that does.

One thing to note, it is frequently a long labor intensive task not only for the doctors and staff but also on you as the pet owner to rehabilitate many animals which have nervous tissue diseases and neurosurgery.

RELATED DIAGNOSES treated on a regular basis at LCAH

Herniated lumbar and lumbosacral disk disease and laminectomy, Lumbosacral instability, Myasthenia Gravis, Septicemia, diskospondylitis, Spinal vertebrae fractures


  • X-ray Machine
  • High Speed Burr Driver
  • Bone Plating Sets and Air Driven Drills
  • Clinical Laboratory including blood clotting test machine
  • Experience doing Myelography and Lumbosacral Vertebrae Surgery

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