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Internal Medicine & Physical Exams

Our Vet Surgeon in Santa Barbara Demonstrates Superior Diagnostic Ability

Internal medicine is the basis for all veterinary services, and it starts with your pet’s physical exams. From here, our veterinarian at La Concepcion Animal Hospital determines the condition of your pet, makes any relevant diagnoses, and begins necessary treatments. Internal medicine involves cardiology and thoracic services, dermatology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, neurology, and urology. Our vet surgeon in Santa Barbara provides all these services with superior skill and the utmost of care and getting an exam in Santa Barbara

The Physical Exam

The time to begin the physical exams is when pets are puppies and kittens. The first months require more frequent visits for vaccines to build their immunity. After that, we recommend annual physicals that enable our veterinarian to examine your pet’s physical condition for changes. If changes occur, we’ll take a closer look to diagnose problems and develop treatment plans.

Our Diagnostic Process

Sometimes a pet comes into our animal hospital with obvious symptoms, such as vomiting and diarrhea, but sometimes no indicators are evident. After getting a detailed description of symptoms, as well as our own findings during the exam, we’ll delve deeper to find the cause of your pet’s problem.

Diagnostic Tools We Use At

Our animal hospital is equipped with the most advanced equipment and tools available today.  With these our veterinarian practices precise internal medicine to accurately diagnose problems.

  • Digital radiography: Allows us to diagnose many conditions in a non-invasive manner. Results are instant and used to examine bones, stomach, heart, and lungs.      
  • Ultrasound: A non-invasive tool, this uses sound waves to create an instant image. It helps diagnose conditions of the gallbladder, spleen, adrenals, kidney, bladder and stomach.
  • Blood and urine testing: Many things can be diagnosed by examining blood work and urine. Our in-house lab expedites accurate results.
  • Other: We also have the skill and equipment to perform other tests, such as an EKG.


When a diagnosis is elusive, our vet surgeon may need to perform exploratory surgery to find what’s causing your pet’s problem. On the other hand, using the diagnostic tools, the veterinarian may determine that surgery is necessary to resolve the issue. Either way, your pet will be in the most stellar surgical suite in the area and in the hands of the most skilled vet surgeon in Santa Barbara.

Second Opinion

Our track record for diagnosing health issues is unsurpassed and we are happy to see any pets for a second opinion. We understand your frustration and will proceed with the least-invasive diagnostic process we can.

Internal medicine is the basis of all veterinary care, and the physical exam is where it all starts. To keep your pet healthy for the long haul, the most caring thing you can do is bring him or her for the annual exam.

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