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Electrocardiogram & Doppler Blood Pressure Machine

Diagnostics with your Santa Barbara Veterinarian

At La Concepcion Animal Hospital, our Santa Barbara veterinarians and dedicated staff continually researches the latest diagnostics technology and equipment available to help our Santa Barbara veterinarian professionals understand your pet's condition as quickly as possible. With results from highly accurate equipment, we can quickly and correctly diagnose your pet then recommend either a second opinion, refer you to a vet surgeon or pursue another course of treatment.

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How Our Electrocardiogram and Doppler Blood Pressure Machine can benefit your Pet

If you have noticed unusual behavior in your pet that might denote a serious underlying health condition, we hope that you will talk to one of our Santa Barbara veterinarians about our advanced technology diagnostics equipment, including our electrocardiogram and our Doppler blood pressure machine. Our Santa Barbara veterinarian team fully embraces the benefits of these medical tools.

You might wonder how to determine whether your pet needs an intensive diagnostic evaluation. Ideally, making and keeping regular annual appointments will give us the best opportunity to detect health anomalies in your cherished pet. If we note issues that may cause further health issues for your pet in the future, such as an irregular heart beat, unusually challenged breathing or high blood pressure, we waste no time ordering the appropriate diagnostic test to rule out conditions that may worsen or treat any illness that we discover. Diagnosing and acting quickly gives you the opportunity to prevent diseases from progressing or save your pet from problems they may have in the future.

Why Might Your Pet Need Electrocardiogram Diagnostics?

Sometimes problems arise six months away from your next wellness appointment with us. In such a case, we hope you will call us to schedule an examination so we can determine whether we should order a diagnostics test. We want to share a few symptoms your pet might exhibit that make it crucial to contact us for an urgent examination and possible testing:

  • Arrhythmias heard on auscultation
  • Breathing problems
  • Shock
  • Fainting or seizures
  • Cardiac murmurs
  • Systemic diseases that may affect the heart, which include kidney dysfunction, heartworm disease and tumors.

A Doppler Blood Pressure Test & your Santa Barbara Veterinarian

You may have never considered the possibility of your pet developing high blood pressure or hypertension, but it can happen just as it happens in humans and can affect your pet's heart, eyes, kidneys and nervous system. If your pet suffers from seizures, circling, nose bleeds and other symptoms, we want to catch high blood pressure before it causes additional damage.

Avoid worry and contact us to learn more about our advanced diagnostic capabilities and how we can help you and your pet today!

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