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Dental Care

Dental Care at Our Santa Barbara Veterinary Clinic

Pets sometimes appear so rugged as to be practically indestructible, when in fact they can suffer problems in any part of the body -- including their mouths. Tooth damage and oral diseases can imperil their ability to chew, carry objects, or even enjoy a nice pat on the head without pain. You can help you special friend avoid serious dental symptoms and complications by bringing him in for dental care to our Santa Barbara veterinarians at La Concepcion Animal Hospital.

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Why Your Pet Needs Regular Dental Care

Animals are prone to many of the same dental issues as their human owners. The most commonplace of these problems is periodontal disease. In periodontal disease, plaque and tartar on your pet's teeth attract bacteria; the bacteria then trigger inflammation in the gums. Results may include pain, foul breath, discharge, and even tooth loss as the ligaments holding the tooth in place weaken. Oral cancer poses an even more dire threat to your pet's health. This disease, which may lurk in your pet's mouth for some time before you see signs of it, can easily prove fatal without prompt treatment.

Damage and injuries are yet another category of dental trouble in pets. Cracked or broken teeth are not only extremely painful -- they also provide an open door to bacteria, which may then migrate throughout the body. 

Our Veterinarian Provides Dental Checkups, Cleanings, and Treatments

Annual dental checkups and cleanings offer a simple, sensible means of preventing oral issues or detecting them early enough to administer immediate treatment. Either veterinarian of our team, Dr. Dalo or Dr. Everitt, can take X-rays and examine the oral cavity thoroughly for any signs of tooth damage or decay, oral cancer, and periodontal disease. Tooth cleaning under anesthesia lets us get every last bit of tartar off of your pet's teeth, even beneath the gum line, as a deterrent to bacteria.

If your pet has a dental or oral problem, he couldn't be in better hands than La Concepcion Animal Hospital. We can recommend the right treatment for your pet's particular condition, from infection-fighting antibiotics to extractions of troublesome teeth and oral cancer surgery. We'll even instruct you in ways to maintain your pet’s dental health between checkups. Our vet team is dedicated to helping your pet enjoy many more years of optimal dental health and function.

Schedule an Appointment with our Santa Barbara Veterinarians

Now that you see how important dental care truly is for animals, is it time for your pet to see the dentist? If so, call 805-685-4513 for an appointment. We're the trusted dental vets for your beloved pet!

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