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Certifications at La Concepcion Animal Hospital

Trusting your veterinarian in Santa Barbara is always necessary. When you visit La Concepcion Animal Hospital, you’ll find a well-skilled team that’s dedicated to providing you with outstanding service. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment. We focus on using the latest diagnostic tools. However, at the heart of our practice is a dedicated veterinarian and vet surgeon, Dr. Dalo.

Get to Know Your Local Veterinarian In Santa Barbara

Dr. Joseph Dalo Jr. and Dr. Michele A. Everitt are available to talk to you about the specific needs your pet has. Our staff is trained to provide you with outstanding care. We know you view your pets as family, and we do, too.

Dr. Dalo has an extensive background and a high level of certification as a vet surgeon. When you bring your pet in to see him, his first goal is always to keep your pet as comfortable as possible and then to offer the best level of care possible. With extensive certifications such as the following, you can trust that Dr. Dalo will provide your pet with the best care possible. Among the certifications Dr. Dalo received are the following:

  • Continuing Education for Internal Medicine
  • Continuing Education for Veterinarians
  • Small Animal Advanced Osteotomy
  • Small Animal Fracture Management
  • Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy
  • Non-Plating Orthopedics
  • Small Animal General Surgery
  • Introduction to Canine Arthroscopy
  • Intermediate Arthroscopy
  • Advanced Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy
  • Sound Technologies Veterinary Ultrasound
  •  Sound technologies Veterinarian Ultrasound Soft Tissue Diagnostics
  • PennHP Training Seminar
  • Advanced Atopy Control with Cyclosporine

With these advanced types of certifications available, you can expect Dr. Dalo to be there for your pet. He is continuously looking for new ways to educate and prepare himself for the surgical methods available to help improve your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Getting to the Root of the Problem with Diagnostics

When you visit your vet surgeon in our office or come to us for a second opinion, you’ll find we use the very best level of diagnostic tools to understand what is happening with your pet. We take pet surgery very seriously and never rush into this type of procedure. If we feel pet surgery is necessary for your animal, we’ll use advanced diagnostics to understand the best course of treatment possible. We’ll invest the time in helping you to understand why this is and what steps we can take to improve your animal’s health.

As a skilled vet surgeon, Dr. Dalo excels at offering second opinions to diagnose the root cause of the symptoms your pet has, offering a true solution whenever possible. Don’t delay in learning more about how La Concepcion Animal Hospital and our dedicated team can help your pet today.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Vet Surgeon Today

When you need a first or second opinion or just more information about your pet’s needs, come in to see our vet surgeon. Dr. Dalo welcomes new patients with a wide range of medical issues. Talk to our team today about your pet. Call: 805-685-4513. We look forward to meeting with you and your furry friends!

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