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Comprehensive Pet Check Up

Comprehensive Pet Check Up at La Concepcion Animal Hospital

Part of cat or dog ownership is ensuring your pet receives adequate medical care throughout his or her whole life. While it’s natural to take your pet in when they are sick, regular comprehensive care, including preventative care is part of a traditional wellness program. If you live in Goleta and want to provide a long happy life for your pet, contact a veterinarian at the La Concepcion Animal for more information on caring for your pet.

Comprehensive Pet Check Up at La Concepcion Animal Hospital

Wellness Exams

A wellness exam is simply a regular veterinary checkup for your pet. This routine visit focuses on maintaining your pet’s health through preventative care. During this exam, your veterinarian will ask questions about your animals’ diet, breathing, exercise, behaviors, habits and elimination patterns. He will check your pet’s vital signs and make take blood samples and a fecal sample. Based on the outcome of the tests, your veterinarian may recommend specific preventative medications, like a topical or oral flea and tick medication. He may also provide vaccinations, depending on when your pet is due.

Other items your vet may check include how your pet stands and walks, whether he is bright and alert, the overall condition of his coat and body and look for redness, discharge or cloudiness in the eyes. Your vet will look in your pet’s ears and mouth and check for the build-up of tartar on the teeth, broken baby teeth, excessive salivation, and staining.

Other Comprehensive Care Concerns

Another part of a wellness exam includes a biochemistry profile. This is completed with a sample of your pet’s blood. Your vet will check for thyroid disorders, vitamin deficiencies and may take chest or abdominal x-rays to assess the size and appearance of the internal organs. These tests can help identify an underlying disease. Early detection and treatment of many conditions are often less costly than waiting until it becomes more advanced.

How Often Should My Pet Have a Wellness Exam?

Puppies and kittens should receive veterinary care from around six weeks of age and continue every three to four weeks until the age of four to six months. After, your pet should have a yearly examination until they are around seven. After that, your senior pet should have a wellness exam every six months.

Contact La Concepcion Animal Hospital in Golta, CA!

To ensure a long happy life for your pet, regular wellness visits are a must. The La Concepcion Animal Hospital in Goleta can care for your cat or dog throughout all life stages. Contact us at 805-685-4513 to schedule your pet's next well appointment.

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