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  • How to Best Approach Senior Pet Care in Santa Barbara
    As your pet ages, they will need more and more support from you to get through their days. You will need to also start to watch them carefully for signs Read more
  • New Kitty? What to Do First
    What to Do First Kittens are adorable pets. Their tiny size, their big eyes, and their high-pitch cries make kittens irresistible. If you are planning to adopt your first kitten, there Read more
  • Pet Dental
    Do you ever think about your pet’s teeth or dental health?  Do you know that caring for your pet's teeth, just like caring for your own teeth, is very important Read more
  • Special Needs Pet Care
    Special Needs Pet Care At La Concepcion Animal Hospital Often, animals with special needs are not the first choice for pet owners. Unfortunately, these animals get overlooked because of the misconception Read more
  • What to Do if Your Pet Stops Eating
    What to Do if Your Pet Stops Eating Most pets love to eat. If a whole day goes by and your pet still hasn't eaten anything, it is time for you Read more
  • Reasons to Invest in Pet Insurance
    Reasons to Invest in Pet Insurance for Your Goleta Veterinary Services Our pets’ lives are unpredictable. A cat can seemingly suddenly develop a serious illness that requires blood work, X-rays, ultrasounds, Read more
  • Proper Spay/Neuter Aftercare for Your Pet
    Spay/Neuter Aftercare If you intend on having your dog or cat spayed or neutered in the near future, it is likely you are concerned about how to care for them properly Read more
  • Winter Hazards for Pets
    Winter Hazards for Pets The winter time can be incredibly brutal for your pets. The cold can cause a variety of problems for your pet and leave them sick when you Read more
  • Keeping Your Pet Safe This Winter
    Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter The holidays, cooler weather and snowy scenes can make winter a wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, it is also a dangerous time Read more
  • October is ASPCA's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
    ASPCA's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month with La Concepcion Animal Hospital Animals in shelters wind up there for many different reasons, mostly through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, there are Read more
  • Pet Tips to Prevent Heat Stroke
    Pet Tips to Prevent Heat Stroke from Our Veterinarian in Goleta During the warmer months of the year, our Goleta veterinarian understands that many pet owners want to get out and Read more
  • National Dog Day
    National Dog Day with our Goleta Veterinarian August 26th is national dog day, a great time to remind your pup how much you love and care for them! Our Goleta veterinarian Read more
  • Protect Your Pet From Heartworm Disease
    La Concepcion Animal Hospital in Goleta, CA on Parasite Prevention: Heartworm Treatment is Much Harder than Prevention Heartworm is a devastating disease that can be picked up by your pet no Read more
  • Preventing Cat & Dog Heat Stroke
    Heat Stroke in Dogs & Cats: Prevent Your Pet from Overheating Pets are just as at risk for heat stroke as their owners – perhaps even more so because they cannot Read more
  • 4th of July With Pets: Your Survival Guide
    4th of July with Pets in Goleta: Your Survival Guide The 4th of July is a time to celebrate with friends and family. The evening fireworks show is the perfect way Read more
  • How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip With Your Pet
    Have Fun with Your Pet on the Road – Safely in Goleta It's summer and prime time for a road trip. No matter when or where you want to go, though, Read more