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La Concepcion Animal Hospital offers full service small animal veterinary care to the Santa Barbara, Ventura and Santa Maria areas. Our Santa Barbara veterinarians perform a wide array of advanced specialized diagnostic and surgical procedures found usually only in specialty veterinary hospitals, however our fees are below those of most specialty veterinary hospitals.

What makes La Concepcion different from other veterinary hospitals?

DIAGNOSIS – At La Concepcion Animal Hospital we don't just treat your pet's symptoms. After a through physical examination we analyze the symptoms and we give you the option to try to obtain a conclusive diagnosis by utilizing our ON SITE advanced diagnostic tools not found in most veterinary hospitals. The advantage to you and your pet in having a conclusive diagnosis is we can now provide the best and usually in the long run, the most economical treatment for your pet's illness.

TIME – We spend time to educate the pet owner about the diagnosis and the course of recommended treatment. It is not unusual for these appointments to take 30-60 minutes.

EQUIPMENT – La Concepcion Animal Hospital in Santa Barbara, California has leading edge, minimally invasive veterinary equipment and diagnostic material to treat your pet. Our pet hospital have on site: X-Ray Machine, Ultrasound Machines with pulse wave and color flow Doppler, a large on site blood and urine testing laboratory, Electrocardiogram (EkG), Doppler Blood Pressure machine, a large variety of endoscopes to look into your pets joints, ears, lungs, stomach, intestines, abdominal cavity and urinary bladder.

EDUCATION and TRAINING – At La Concepcion we not only own advanced equipment but we have formal training and experience in how to use this equipment.

Joseph Dalo

Dr. Joseph Dalo

Michele Everitt

Dr. Michele Everitt